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Luxury Packaging & Luxury Printed Packaging Tubes


Luxury Packaging Tubes and Luxury Packaging ideas



Luxury Packaging Tubes  

Bespoke Packaging Tubes, whatever your market.  

Enhance your brand with a truly innovative luxury packaging concept.
With over 36 years of packaging experience, Visican can offer a wide
range of economical and stand-out packaging solutions that will help any
brand to build revenue and increase market share. 

○  Diameters availble from 38mm to 101mm  
○  Wide range of printing specifications available
○  BRC Certified Premises 
○  UK Manufactured


For further information, please get in touch:
Email our UK Sales office: sales@visican.co.uk

Email our EU Sales office: sales@visican.eu


 Gordon Rhodes Herbs and Spices Packaging - Gordon Rhodes Herbs & Spices Packaging Tubes

Waitrose Herbs and Spices Packaging - Waitrose Herbs & Spices Packaging Tubes

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